Why am I having such a strong reaction to TRIM

Why am I having such a strong reaction to TRIM

This post was originally in the TRIM facebook group but felt I should share it more widely

Just creating the videos and other material of module 12 which is on the topic of Digestion. Given that so many of you have had dramatic changes in your digestive system you could understandably be asking, "why has Neil so delayed this section?"

Even more so when you consider that this material will be coming after a very long time (over seven months after the start of the program) in the new expanded format.

The TRIM program really is best taken in the order it is presented here. Curiously it is not the order the information was revealed to me - some clues as to the order it was revealed to me can be seen in the titles of the audios.

One of the things that makes me so excited about the TRIM program is the volume knob is turned up really high of the number and range of issues that you are experiencing. Only a very few people are not already having dramatic discoveries unfold. People are saying they have been involved with few programs with as much transformation coming to them.

The intention of TRIM above all else is to help you to wake up. The second intention is to give you the very best shot at being able to in fact achieve the end place of being awake - which we could also describe as enlightenment. To do that for most people it takes a combination of time and the correct quality of experience. So the process of helping you having a very long and healthy life is aimed squarely at this objective.

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? This is not really possible as your body/mind/spirit will only act on the things it resonates with and recognises as being "true" for you. There only has to be a very small amount of doubt or disagreement and the subjects will be totally ignored. If you find yourself being overwhelmed or maybe becoming very annoyed or something similar, you can be certain that there has been a very high level of resonance.

I'm excited! - Neil

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