• 7 Pillars of Immortality

The Seven Pillars of Immortality answers the three main questions that may be at the top of your mind if and when you ask the question - Can I be Immortal, and if I can, how can I live a life that is free of all constraints, full of joy, and that I totally love?

  1. Why would I want to live for so long anyway? - I've seen people grow old and suffer and I don't want that for myself!
  2. How will I find, nurture and grow sustaining relationships over such a long period of time? - What if my husband, wife or partner dies before me? - I don't want years on my own!
  3. How can I make sure that I have a body and mind which is in peak shape for a very long life? - It is all very well living for 130 years or even more but I don't want to be suffering in my old age!

The 7 Pillars webinar answers these questions and many more. The webinar runs several times a week - To join you can click the button below and fill out the form which allows you to select a time to suit you.

As a special bonus, I am providing the first look at a fully functional tool for Intuitive Eating, within the webinar. - Being able to know what your body needs right now is the ultimate goal for nutrition. - When you master this you will never regret a single bite of food you take.