Suggest the Truth

Suggest the Truth

I had a major AHA! moment during the night.

Basically I had been thinking that the TRIM program was mainly about “suggesting the truth – suadeant veritatum”. This is on one level the case of course. Trim is made up of a tremendous number of affirmations and other suggestions, which your being on many levels either chooses to pick up or not.

The Aha came as I realised that the affirmations and suggestions are actually also a highly diverse set of questions as well.

So let me put this in context. We each have a comfortable and familiar way of processing things and operating in our daily lives. Each of us is either an intellectual, or emotional, or practically minded type. These correspond to brains or minds which we identify very strongly inside TRIM. I have very deliberately focussed on the engagement of each of these aspects of the mind, and their corresponding hardware of course!

So the Intellect is commonly associated with the brain, the Emotions with the heart, and the Practical (or as my father termed it – the “Moving, Instinctive, Sex centre or brain”) with the solar plexus and spine.

TRIM is suggesting to you the benefits of growing and balancing all of these “Brains” or Minds” or “Centres” (uncovering or revealing is also a useful way of describing this process)

So what happens when one of these “suadeant veritatum” affirmations addresses a part of your being that is in some way repressed, or hidden, or frowned upon, or itching to get more dominant?

What happens is all of the strong symptoms that have been occurring for so many of you. Not the least of which is the adding of weight to your body. Your body is answering the questions I have posed to it. This should give enormous hope to you as if by asking a question your body puts on weight, by working through it and answering the question in a new way, then the weight will just disappear.

So what do we do about it? – Well learn and grow of course.  I have been completely transparent about what the suggestions are and have summarised them without hiding anything at all in the relevant web pages in the members area. I suggest meditating on which module has been asking the tricky questions, going over the relevant material in the pages. When you have identified the tricky questions ask the next question – “what part of me has been stimulated by this question?” and generally speaking “what is there to learn”?

Finally I want to comment on how each of you may be attracted to different approaches dependent on your strengths in these various brains.

All spiritual traditions work by definition with the Spirit of course but different spiritual approaches have some specific and very different resonances too. The following are some generalisations which aren’t perfect but are useful to help make the point.

So for example a philosopher or follower of Zen will be much more comfortable in the intellectual center. A Christian far more comfortable in the emotional center and most yoga followers in the “moving center” (although there are strands of yoga in the intellect and the emotions as well – but most are moving center focussed)

So I leave you with a specific example to help clarify I hope. If a person is asked questions through the suadeant veritatum process, which are uncomfortable and find targets related to the sex aspect of the moving, instinctive, sex brain.


For some people (not all) one reaction would be to immediately put on weight. After that response then they may well find themselves at first lost or angry or looking to blame someone or something, then perhaps they may be attracted to Tantric yoga practices or idle fantasy, or bury themselves in work or some other way of expressing or just coping with this foreign and unexpected matter, and all without having a clue as to why they are responding and acting and thinking and feeling as they are.

– There is much gold in this example for many of you who have been contributing so beautifully here.

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