Ozone and other unusual species

Ozone and other unusual species

Fearful of Ebola? See the powerful article below on Ebola and simple techniques which are attracting the attention of the establishment and the profit motive system –

I have been aware in my clinical work for some time of the power that arises when attention is focussed on radical species of otherwise normal chemicals. My attention has particularly been on Deuterium which is commonly seen in Heavy Water molecules, and also Ozone which is a variant of Oxygen molecules. I use this focus as needed, but it is very particular in it’s effectiveness.

We normally think of these chemicals as being absent from us but the truth is there are some of these compounds in all of us at all times. The are incredibly reactive compared to their counterparts – hence they can be doing super wonderful things or alternatively they can be wreaking havoc!.

It appears that with appropriate focus we can encourage the activity of these reactive reagents in the best place and at the best time. How useful to have the oxidative power of ozone – just where we most need it and exactly where it is needed for example. Similarly heavy water molecules in the exact right place at the exact right time can be wonderfully powerful as well.

The story of Ozone as a medical tool is detailed in the article below, where doctors are using quite large doses of the ozone (as compared to the consciousness approach I take where we work to get the best out of these species that are already present in the body). It is a tragedy that these simple techniques are falling prey to the profit motive.


Article Here


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