Freeing Purple Ladies from their Genes

Freeing Purple Ladies from their Genes

Freeing the Purple Ladies from their Genes - Secret Sauce from the Authors

I once mentioned to a wonderful practitioner that I felt as though in the future I may be able to help free people from their genes, particularly in the area of their metabolism. She turned to me and said; maybe you could help free me from mine?

I have often meditated on this and been continually addressing in my research the genes that have particular importance in this area.

One of the keys to this unfolding investigation was to notice that my most recidivist patients had many similarities about them. Another practitioner recently light-heartedly commented to me that these clients were all “Purple Ladies”. A seemingly unkind way to describe an archetype, a middle aged woman who wears purple, who is strongly connected to an alternative viewpoint and yes tends to hold weight.

So the "purple lady" syndrome was coined- It turns out that this allowed me to observe a much more deeply running set of “similars” that I could work with. I then began to wonder what truly came first, the bulky body or the head in the stars behaviour.

I have been working intensely on these purple ladies (not restricted to being women by the way, many men myself included, fit somewhat into this categorisation) who make up the bulk of the recidivist group to my original metabolism research. They can be of any age (I have seen children purple ladies occasionally but usually they are women and the expression of the genes is arising after they have had kids and more often as the kids are leaving home.)

I shouldn't laugh I know but it is funny all the same. The main blockages for them are actually to do with communication - a trait they universally parade as their strength. The communication blocks are admittedly deep within their biology and also many other aspects of the unconscious. The failure leads to their body screaming at them for attention.

So onto the unfolding research

Firstly how do I do this research? – Well I may be researching a PhD but the way I am working does not involve a laboratory and I certainly don’t have the facilities to isolate a specific gene.

Instead I work through Insight and intuition.

I have been tracking this and there are many steps. The first one is the expression of a gene that we share with jellyfish (this is a new discovery I should be patenting lol) basically the gene makes a protein that is highly hygroscopic, and so without altering their hydration in the lymph (it is this point that had misled me into not to seeing this - along with every other researcher into obesity) they then begin accumulating vast amounts of water in the interstitial area. This is the weight they lose with intense exercise, but it always comes back as the jelly (just like a kitchen sponge) immediately begins the slow process of reabsorbing water out of the interstitial fluid. They are always to be seen with a water bottle and are constantly thirsty.

Interesting what comes next…

This gene and several others in the story are also shared by some bacteria, and their origin is viral, large parts of our DNA are foreign and it is not uncommon for sequences of DNA to be inserted from sources such as viruses and bacteria. Viruses are just information, and my best healing work follows when I start asking (in these cases the viruses directly), "what are you trying to tell us?"

The answer lies within the function of the gene in the jellyfish. Jellyfish go with the flow they don't fight against a current. They will expend effort to get into a more profitable current, sometimes swimming for a fair way. But then they do nothing but exist. How does this contrast with the consciousness of a Purple Lady? It may seem obvious! I finally found this by getting the answer directly from the gene itself. "don't fight - surrender" then I worked backwards to see the connection with the wisdom of the jellyfish.

Purple ladies are on the rise, many of the new indigos are likely to fall into this trap, and looking back over centuries the purple ladies sat on the outside of the communities, they were the witches and psychics etc. They had some insight, but this gift led to them fighting and not to surrendering.

This understanding led me to the next gene.

It is a gene for generalised inflammation. Once again I suspect this is a patentable discovery too, however there is no point really 🙂 As you undoubtedly know almost all chronic disease is actually inflammation based - certainly it is the main symptom of nearly all chronic disease in any case.

So tracking this down was interesting. It is actually a gene that spreads the message. It is the Paul Revere gene sending out a warning signal that different tissues respond to. The transmission is primarily via the microtubules that connect one cell directly to another. So this messenger doesn't even need to go into the common fluids of the body to "share the fear" but of course the transmission is pretty slow.

Once again I talked to the gene. It also is of viral provenance but the message relates to the shadow feminine - "cruelty" - It is the response to persecution. Used in our bodies correctly it handles this aspect of the immune response to answer a very local threat - say an insect bite or something like that.

So if a purple lady is feeling under threat, particularly where the threat is related to the sense that he/she is an outsider or just not fitting in, then the gene begins to over express.

The consequences of this generalised over expression of inflammatory response are totally massive.

For both of these genes the answer is to enlist the help of some other viruses, to do some gene surgery in fact. This can all be directed. However some powerful modifications to the consciousness of all of this is needed across millions of years of evolution, and of course inside each purple lady to suit their specific way of responding. Most importantly is the modifications to the way we are handling "cruelty" and "fighting"

There are more to come on this line of research, I am waiting on the next instalment - I know that it is coming soon, I get these insight moments when I am working on clients, the universe brings me the right client then it is all exposed.

I'd put 10 quid on the shadow masculine trait of "violence" being a part of the next unfolding characteristics.

The work I am now doing along with Marie-Anne Kannengiesser into the higher level consciousness is directly aimed at resolving the issues and their impact on every level of our being.

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