Collaboration vs. The Individual

Collaboration vs. The Individual

Collaboration and Self Action. A case study. – Just how do Marie-Anne and Neil keep from annihilating each other?

There are a great many dualities we live among and every day interact with. Of these the most persistent is that of Masculine and Feminine.

​In our modern world we have become completely confused as to what this duality really means.

​It is tempting to look at this polarity and say that one is right and the other wrong, and your answer to that question is extremely revealing.

​Another duality is the duality between collaboration/cooperation and it’s polar opposite of individual (or self) action.

It is tempting to look at this polarity and say that one is right and the other wrong, and your answer to that question is extremely revealing.

As with all dualities the real opportunities lie in reconciliation of the two.

To be truly collaborative you can be at the ends of another duality as well. I am referring to the duality of being strong or weak (Powerfully engaged or totally disengaged is another way of looking at this). Once again we can look at this duality and seek to decide that one is right and one is wrong and yet again we have the opportunity to see ourselves anew! A hint here is that to be engaged consumes and to be disengaged has no effect. So to be collaborative means that some change is being proposed so there has to be some level of engagement, however when there is too much of the individual in the picture then the chances of collaboration diminish.

So the irony is obvious, you need some SELF in the picture to allow COLLABORATION to CREATE EFFECT.

So we are left in a dance between these polarities.

In the work I do with Marie-Anne Kannengießer we are in a deeply collaborative engagement. A collaboration which as it happens is also occurring between two very powerful personalities. Because of the power of our personalities there is the constant potential for either personality to attempt to conquer the other. Our refuge from this tendency is to dance the dualities knowingly and to continuously minute by minute, day by day, seek the reconciliation of them.

If you find yourself attempting to cooperate and collaborate with another and things are not going as smoothly as you might hope then I suggest you take a look at these sets of dualities

Self Vs. Collaboration

Stillness Vs. Movement/Change

Take yourself into a meditative/contemplative state and look at yourself and the other person and see

1. Where do you each stand in relationship to these polarities?

2. Where are the dis-harmonies arising in these duality pair positions for each of you?

3. Is there an opportunity to “consciously” choose to work toward different points to allow progress without destruction?

4. Can you name the reconciliation force (all dualities have a third, generally very hidden, force)?

This is all only the tip of the iceberg but you will soon see the power of the approach and the wisdom that can follow from it.

If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to email myself or Marie-Anne directly. All of our coaching seeks to gain harmony in whatever areas you are currently finding difficulties. For advice on how our coaching can help you go HERE.

Best wishes and much Love


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