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The program EVOLVE and The Research Behind Evolve and Trim Your Weight

To become a super performing individual, a person who can manage and thrive in all aspects of their body mind and spirit, then many avenues of repair, growth and improvement must be followed. In the EVOLVE program we focus on your body first, then on all of the mind aspects that will always impact on your body including the logical, emotional, and practical minds.
In Evolve we start by focussing on metabolism and ageing. What this means from a practical perspective is the tendency to be overweight, low in energy and short of strength. The EVOLVE program has a direct focus on getting you a “TRIM” body having abundant energy and plenty of strength and flexibility. In many ways this tackles aging head on, however EVOLVE also works directly on the other aging processes. This technical field covers telomere shortening, epigenetic damage, body clocks and many other matters.
As a practitioner of consciousness based medicine I have noted a trend for clients to be increasingly struggling with their weight. This is often despite huge effort and care being taken by these individuals to severely restrict their diet, and often with them undertaking extraordinary exercise programs as well.
My own journey has also involved a fascination with diet and exercise as I had always found weight management a problem. My response was a variety of restrictive diets and also binge exercise. I basically tried and failed at all of these diets, even the ones with science so compelling that I believed them totally.
With the advent of my new focus on the consciousness issues of weight I found that without changing diet or exercise my weight has dropped from the obese level into the healthy weight range as measured by Body Mass Index (BMI).
The first stage in the development of the Trim Your Weight programme was an original peer reviewed research project. At the time of publication of this book the research is being written up as a PhD dissertation. The research project worked with a group of 106 Obese individuals in Perth, West Australia. This book is based on the findings of that research.
The result was highly significant and provided huge opportunity for review and improvement leading to the development of the current Trim Your Weight programme.
Trim Your Weight is the only programme I know of which will work with you on every level I can conceive of, to move past barriers with joy and ease, no matter where or what those barriers may be. You can have a Trim body, which will provide a healthier framework for the rest of your life.
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Have fun, be full of joy and ease, be light on yourself, and feel free to keep in touch at admin@TrimYourWeight.com