20 Day Fast on Water Alone – Day 4

So I decided to live in a tent for a while for multiple reasons of personal growth, and now in mid winter in Perth West Australia I am also doing a 20 day fast on water alone.

People think it is always hot here in Perth but it gets pretty cold here in the winter!

The fast has been planned for several months now, and is in many ways a finale to many strands of personal development. Just what the Divine will deliver up to me at the end of the fast is up to the Divine, however the need to do the fast became great indeed over the preceding months.

So what am I learning as I fast? Well the obvious is the process of getting the body to support the spiritual path. In some traditions this is the process of making the body obedient, and in other traditions it is the Body ​allowing space for the Higher Self to grow. The Higher Self being a combination of Spirit and the three Minds (Emotions, Practical/Instinctive/Sexual Mind, and Intellect)

The less obvious process is getting the lesser minds to have far less control (Pain Body, Disease Body, and Ego)​. The fasting along with high focus on prayer, meditation and repetition of mantras are indeed working to assist in the quieting of the lesser minds.

​All the while the spirit level of my being is providing me guidance at each step.

Part of this guidance, other than to do the fast of course, has been to ​meditate on specific topics daily. The topics for the first four days have been around achieving Harmony. The topics in this group supporting Harmony have been Love, Acceptance, Surrender and Selfless Service. All three of the first are needed for the last to occur.

One of the many wonderful insights is the way the whole "Ecocentric" system is part of the process. There is no hope of moving on without all aspects of oneself getting into collaboration and cooperation​.

An example of this was presented this morning at the "body" level. My community at the level of the body includes some 30 trillion of my own cells, and some 70 trillion bacteria and other microbes. In setting the ​intention to do the fast, I had ignored the microbes that make up my "Ecocentric" system. It was all about the higher minds gaining supremacy over the lesser minds and the Spirit evolving.

Well you can guess how the microbes felt about this! so I have had to modify my intention to include the ​needs of the microbes and set up steps to ensure their survival at the genus level while I don't eat anything for 20 days, and further also at their collective request, the establishment of such a positive community that the ideal of an immortal system can be worked towards far more effectively.

This is a selfless service approach which is agreed with by the Higher Minds and Spirit as well as the microbial community, and is only hindered by the impact of the lesser minds which act like a filter on this and other intentions.

If you have any questions about the process of fasting in the way I am doing it please either leave a comment or email me at

I will post more blogs as the Fast proceeds.

Thanks for reading this!​

Saturday Pain Clinic

New Saturday Drop-In Pain clinic is operating from now till Christmas. The opportunity to achieve significant reduction in pain has never been easier, nor have the results been stronger than the new techniques I have been applying at the clinic and via distance techniques.

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Collaboration vs. The Individual

Collaboration and Self Action. A case study. – Just how do Marie-Anne and Neil keep from annihilating each other?

There are a great many dualities we live among and every day interact with. Of these the most persistent is that of Masculine and Feminine.

​In our modern world we have become completely confused as to what this duality really means.

​It is tempting to look at this polarity and say that one is right and the other wrong, and your answer to that question is extremely revealing.

​Another duality is the duality between collaboration/cooperation and it’s polar opposite of individual (or self) action.

It is tempting to look at this polarity and say that one is right and the other wrong, and your answer to that question is extremely revealing.

As with all dualities the real opportunities lie in reconciliation of the two.

To be truly collaborative you can be at the ends of another duality as well. I am referring to the duality of being strong or weak (Powerfully engaged or totally disengaged is another way of looking at this). Once again we can look at this duality and seek to decide that one is right and one is wrong and yet again we have the opportunity to see ourselves anew! A hint here is that to be engaged consumes and to be disengaged has no effect. So to be collaborative means that some change is being proposed so there has to be some level of engagement, however when there is too much of the individual in the picture then the chances of collaboration diminish.

So the irony is obvious, you need some SELF in the picture to allow COLLABORATION to CREATE EFFECT.

So we are left in a dance between these polarities.

In the work I do with Marie-Anne Kannengießer we are in a deeply collaborative engagement. A collaboration which as it happens is also occurring between two very powerful personalities. Because of the power of our personalities there is the constant potential for either personality to attempt to conquer the other. Our refuge from this tendency is to dance the dualities knowingly and to continuously minute by minute, day by day, seek the reconciliation of them.

If you find yourself attempting to cooperate and collaborate with another and things are not going as smoothly as you might hope then I suggest you take a look at these sets of dualities

Self Vs. Collaboration

Stillness Vs. Movement/Change

Take yourself into a meditative/contemplative state and look at yourself and the other person and see

1. Where do you each stand in relationship to these polarities?

2. Where are the dis-harmonies arising in these duality pair positions for each of you?

3. Is there an opportunity to “consciously” choose to work toward different points to allow progress without destruction?

4. Can you name the reconciliation force (all dualities have a third, generally very hidden, force)?

This is all only the tip of the iceberg but you will soon see the power of the approach and the wisdom that can follow from it.

If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to email myself or Marie-Anne directly. All of our coaching seeks to gain harmony in whatever areas you are currently finding difficulties. For advice on how our coaching can help you go HERE.

Best wishes and much Love


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Water of Life – Drop the Resistance

On the 13 June we held a special webinar to start the correction of the dysfunctioning in our cells that leads to ageing, obesity and a huge range of illness. The webinar was based on several months of research that we have been conducting into why the water of our body seems to behave in very counterproductive ways. The webinar is provided as a video below. The first 31 minutes is the webinar and this is followed by me answering a few questions. Below the video is some further analysis into why our Mitochondria are becoming depressed, and why the rest of the cell is becoming manic.

How the water inside your cells is being pushed to either help feed and nourish or else starve and exclude. Video Below.

The Mitochondria are very small structures found inside the cells throughout your body. They create a chemical called ATP which is the fuel for nearly all biological functioning. To achieve this they require feeding, and they need the spent ATP (now ADP) to be returned to them for recycling.

The mitochondria are interesting in many ways but the most obvious thing to note is that they have their own DNA quite separate to the DNA of the cell proper. It is hypothesised by scientists that the mitochondria were originally separate organisms that entered into the cells of our single cell primordial ancestors and started synergistically working together with the host cell. To function properly they need to look after each other.

Certainly in the work we are doing looking at the consciousness of all of these aspects of the body the mitochondria generally has a very different consciousness to the rest of the cell. This has massive potential for us to help healing and enhance longevity.

Matriarchal (general cell) and Patriarchal (mitochondrial) Systems​

​Look out for a future blog post on the specific differences between the matriarchal systems of the body and the patriarchal ones. Today we will only be discussing a small slice, but nonetheless the slice that can make all of the difference, especially if you are struggling with weight, or are short of energy, or for that matter are suffering from chronic disease.

​All systems have a natural expression and a shadow expression. The Patriarchal natural expression is in part characterised by benevolence. The Matriarchal natural expression is in part characterised by selfless service. The shadow Patriarchal can be seen in violence and negative expression of power, and the shadow Matriarchal can be seen in exclusion and competition.

What we are seeing clinically is that these shadow aspects are impacting on the functioning of the cells in a massive way. The mitochondria are being excluded at a consciousness level by the cell proper, and the mitochondria are acting in a violent fashion toward the cell proper​.

There is an apparent psychopathology going on as well (this is not meant to be taken fully literally) but it is as though the Mitochondria are becoming depressed, and sometimes suicidal, and at the same time the balance of the cell is becoming manic to the point of something like megalomania in the way it is behaving.

This means that we are looking at something like a bipolar expression in the cells. It is hardly any wonder that chronic disease, obesity and ageing result!​

The healing outlined in the webinar is focussed on shifting this balance more toward the natural expression​ of both of these systems. The technique is as follows, however it is highly likely you will need help to implement this so just reach out to us here by email . To get a copy of the slides used in the presentation feel free to email me as well.

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Getting the Flu – five reasons to celebrate

I'm one of the few people who you are likely to meet who says it is truly wonderful that we live in a world of disease. Here are my five top reasons to celebrate.

Epidemiology is an excruciating science. One of the bewildering aspects is that the disease vector is incredibly virulent at first. So take an outbreak like ebola, or swine flu, or any of the other major diseases through history.

They are totally deadly to begin with and later tail of to almost nothing. There is always a prediction of world wide disaster which is calculated based on the early disease progress but this always turns out to be madly pessimistic.

At first glance you might think it is peoples immune systems catching up but this is just not the case. It has nothing to do with the exposure, as each person gets sick the first time they are exposed. Yet the destructiveness of the organism tails of exponentially over time.

This is oxymoronic as the disease vector is unchanged, and the receiving immune systems of "to be infected" patients remains unchanged as well. Well on the surface anyway!

HOWEVER we know from a consciousness perspective that the message the vector is bringing gets conveyed up front, it has less and less need to share the wisdom over time. It's purpose is to share the message. End of story...

  • Darwinian evolution is very slow for large organisms. Viruses, and other disease vectors can change much quicker than complex organisms like humans. If we choose to learn from them then we can "piggyback" on their rate of learning
  • There are zillions of different variations of  organisms such as viruses. Each organism is a book full of information . If we choose to ask for the information, we then have an enormous library available to us.
  • The information can readily be addressed using consciousness techniques. There is no need for a microscope to find out what message a virus has in store for us.
  • If enough practitioners start working in this way then the extent of disease effect could potentially be seriously minimised. There is a general principle that unconscious suffering is far more dilute compared with conscious suffering. So if a practitioner and client can "witness" the message in a very conscious way, then it follows that in principle far fewer people need suffer unconsciously.
  • Treating these viruses then becomes very much more simple. Just ask for the information, see how this fits into the information needs of your body, mind and spirit, then apply this information as a part of a treatment. We can do this at a distance, or in the clinic setting.

Health Enquiry

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Freeing Purple Ladies from their Genes

Freeing the Purple Ladies from their Genes - Secret Sauce from the Authors

I once mentioned to a wonderful practitioner that I felt as though in the future I may be able to help free people from their genes, particularly in the area of their metabolism. She turned to me and said; maybe you could help free me from mine?

I have often meditated on this and been continually addressing in my research the genes that have particular importance in this area.

One of the keys to this unfolding investigation was to notice that my most recidivist patients had many similarities about them. Another practitioner recently light-heartedly commented to me that these clients were all “Purple Ladies”. A seemingly unkind way to describe an archetype, a middle aged woman who wears purple, who is strongly connected to an alternative viewpoint and yes tends to hold weight.

So the "purple lady" syndrome was coined- It turns out that this allowed me to observe a much more deeply running set of “similars” that I could work with. I then began to wonder what truly came first, the bulky body or the head in the stars behaviour.

I have been working intensely on these purple ladies (not restricted to being women by the way, many men myself included, fit somewhat into this categorisation) who make up the bulk of the recidivist group to my original metabolism research. They can be of any age (I have seen children purple ladies occasionally but usually they are women and the expression of the genes is arising after they have had kids and more often as the kids are leaving home.)

I shouldn't laugh I know but it is funny all the same. The main blockages for them are actually to do with communication - a trait they universally parade as their strength. The communication blocks are admittedly deep within their biology and also many other aspects of the unconscious. The failure leads to their body screaming at them for attention.

So onto the unfolding research

Firstly how do I do this research? – Well I may be researching a PhD but the way I am working does not involve a laboratory and I certainly don’t have the facilities to isolate a specific gene.

Instead I work through Insight and intuition.

I have been tracking this and there are many steps. The first one is the expression of a gene that we share with jellyfish (this is a new discovery I should be patenting lol) basically the gene makes a protein that is highly hygroscopic, and so without altering their hydration in the lymph (it is this point that had misled me into not to seeing this - along with every other researcher into obesity) they then begin accumulating vast amounts of water in the interstitial area. This is the weight they lose with intense exercise, but it always comes back as the jelly (just like a kitchen sponge) immediately begins the slow process of reabsorbing water out of the interstitial fluid. They are always to be seen with a water bottle and are constantly thirsty.

Interesting what comes next…

This gene and several others in the story are also shared by some bacteria, and their origin is viral, large parts of our DNA are foreign and it is not uncommon for sequences of DNA to be inserted from sources such as viruses and bacteria. Viruses are just information, and my best healing work follows when I start asking (in these cases the viruses directly), "what are you trying to tell us?"

The answer lies within the function of the gene in the jellyfish. Jellyfish go with the flow they don't fight against a current. They will expend effort to get into a more profitable current, sometimes swimming for a fair way. But then they do nothing but exist. How does this contrast with the consciousness of a Purple Lady? It may seem obvious! I finally found this by getting the answer directly from the gene itself. "don't fight - surrender" then I worked backwards to see the connection with the wisdom of the jellyfish.

Purple ladies are on the rise, many of the new indigos are likely to fall into this trap, and looking back over centuries the purple ladies sat on the outside of the communities, they were the witches and psychics etc. They had some insight, but this gift led to them fighting and not to surrendering.

This understanding led me to the next gene.

It is a gene for generalised inflammation. Once again I suspect this is a patentable discovery too, however there is no point really 🙂 As you undoubtedly know almost all chronic disease is actually inflammation based - certainly it is the main symptom of nearly all chronic disease in any case.

So tracking this down was interesting. It is actually a gene that spreads the message. It is the Paul Revere gene sending out a warning signal that different tissues respond to. The transmission is primarily via the microtubules that connect one cell directly to another. So this messenger doesn't even need to go into the common fluids of the body to "share the fear" but of course the transmission is pretty slow.

Once again I talked to the gene. It also is of viral provenance but the message relates to the shadow feminine - "cruelty" - It is the response to persecution. Used in our bodies correctly it handles this aspect of the immune response to answer a very local threat - say an insect bite or something like that.

So if a purple lady is feeling under threat, particularly where the threat is related to the sense that he/she is an outsider or just not fitting in, then the gene begins to over express.

The consequences of this generalised over expression of inflammatory response are totally massive.

For both of these genes the answer is to enlist the help of some other viruses, to do some gene surgery in fact. This can all be directed. However some powerful modifications to the consciousness of all of this is needed across millions of years of evolution, and of course inside each purple lady to suit their specific way of responding. Most importantly is the modifications to the way we are handling "cruelty" and "fighting"

There are more to come on this line of research, I am waiting on the next instalment - I know that it is coming soon, I get these insight moments when I am working on clients, the universe brings me the right client then it is all exposed.

I'd put 10 quid on the shadow masculine trait of "violence" being a part of the next unfolding characteristics.

The work I am now doing along with Marie-Anne Kannengiesser into the higher level consciousness is directly aimed at resolving the issues and their impact on every level of our being.

The Reveal and Evolve programs do much to assist in the waking up and allowing change needed to create deep healing. Click the button above to begin your journey

To create that environment of change we have the Be-Loved program along with ReConnect, Vision and Actuate programs to allow even deeper understanding and change to occur.

Top Ten ways you can help prevent Super Bugs

Worried about breeding Super Bugs at home?

10 most effective ways to keep the bugs at bay at home, without encouraging superbugs.

We owe our long lives and good health to two types of chemical and both kill bugs. One is antibiotics, and the other is disinfectants.

But the cost of these two types of chemical use and particularly their overuse is incredibly high in terms of the disruption to our immune systems, and the rise of super bugs that have the health authorities terrified, and are fast making hospitals one of the most likely places where you will catch a fatal infection.

5 Reasons Why Your Doctor May Not Be The First Person You Might Choose To See When Your Life Feels Hard  - Free

Yep you read right. Going to hospital for something safe, puts you more at risk of deadly infection now than at any time in the past 50 years.

If you know what makes your average bug tick then you can do much to change the likelihood your family will fall victim to something nasty. So instead of using disinfectant and antiseptic handwash at home try these top 10 tips.

​So what can You do?

10 Take time. Most bugs have a very high die off rate. So time is an incredibly easy thing to use to manage the population of bugs. You don’t have to maintain things in a spotless state all of the time, just for the period where sensitive things are being done.

If you have to do something dirty then once you’ve finished remove the dirt, and just allow time to do it’s work.

Take a look at a surgical theatre. The staff create what are called sterile fields. They know that the patients body is completely covered in bugs but they are slow to migrate, so they don’t try and kill them all off, but rather just sterilise a small area and cover the rest in sterile cloths. They rely on the slow spread, and are happy to just allow the bugs to start creeping back from the edges.

You can use this knowledge yourself in the kitchen. Just concentrate on a safe area immediately around where you are working.

9 Bugs need to feedThe reason bugs grow on our food, and the grime we create is because their appetites aren’t that different to ours. So don’t feed them if you can help it. Think anything we like to eat the bugs like too, and add to that pretty much any part of our bodies, including the smelly stuff, because bugs love all of that too.

The easy way to do this is to remove left over food away from where you will later prepare food again. Remember bugs will linger in unlikely places so try not to have lots of cracks and places where food can remain and other conditions for growth to prosper

8 Bugs don’t like it too cold. Most bugs won’t grow to fast if it’s chilly, that’s why we keep food in the fridge or freezer.

So where is the best place to put the left over food – even if it is still hot? The fridge or freezer. The single best thing is to drop that temperature in those left-overs as fast as possible.

The colder the better, but generally below 6c is the best option.

Remember the bugs will still be alive even at super cold temperatures, but the colder it gets the slower they grow. So putting bacteria laden food into the freezer, will lead to bacteria laden food coming out when you thaw it! It needs to be clean before refrigeration or freezing.

7 Bugs aren’t too keen on the heat. Over about 70c most bacteria not only stop growing but also commence dying off.

The farmers worked this out when they tried to make milk safer for you to drink. See milk from the cow is full of bugs but just fifteen seconds at 72c is widely considered to do the trick. This doesn’t kill them all off, but it sure makes a dent in the population. There are lots of reasons why pasteurising may not be the choice you would want to make, but most health authorities agree with the approach and it sure kills bugs.

As opposed to freezing which pretty much just stops more bugs growing, heat is one approach that really kills off bugs. So food with high populations of bugs really is best cooked, and cooked thoroughly.

6 Oxygen finishes most bugs. Most disinfectants work by what is called oxidisation. What else works in this way other than disinfectants? – well our air is full of oxygen and it works exactly the same. The bacteria are adapted to this and can survive a short period of contact with the air, especially if there is some water or grime to protect them, but soon enough they die when exposed to air.

So with your food preparation areas all you need do is leave the area clean and then allow the air to do it’s magic.

How else can you practically use this information? A great example is going to the bathroom. It makes perfect sense to wash your hands afterwards, but what happens if you can’t get access to safe water? Time will deal with the worst of the bugs that have made their way to your hands, especially if your hands are dry and relatively free of grime. Providing conditions aren’t open to growth then die offs for half of a population for most bugs that would lead to food poisoning, and for that matter most other illnesses are around 10 to 20 minutes.

5 Sunlight will do more than bleach your hair. The sunlight is highly disruptive to most bugs, and will finish off most of them if unprotected very quickly.

So why do many people think of food poisoning as being something you get when on holiday in the tropics? Well the other thing bacteria love is warmth, and there is plenty of that around when you are at the tropical paradise. All that is needed then is for the bacteria to find moisture and protected a bit from the sun and air, and the trips to the bathroom may be frequent.

If you are on a camping holiday then after washing food preparation areas down then leave them exposed to the sun. It will seriously dent the population of bugs that you don’t want introduced into the next food you prepare.

4 Most bugs need water so deny them this, if you want to control their growth. Nearly all bacteria will either die or become inactive if there is insufficient water. You need to be aware that these inactive bugs will spring back into action once sufficient water is added again.

This is why you can dry out meat and it will be safe, the same goes for dried fruit, and almost any other food. In a weird way it is also why jam will keep in the cupboard too. It seems wet, but actually there is not enough water for most bugs to quickly grow.

So how do we use this knowledge? – Just focus of drying off food preparation areas after use and the bugs won’t carry on multiplying in those areas. Same goes in the bathroom and other areas too.

3 The bug world is pretty competitive. Bugs are everywhere, and they are all competing for resources. Not all bugs are a problem to us, in fact most are very friendly, we can do a lot of things to encourage the friendly ones so there are fewer resources left for the unfriendly ones.

For thousands of years we have been pickling foods of all types. This encourages certain bugs to flourish which are positively helpful for our bodies, other examples are fermenting foods (including beer and wine) and making cultured foods like yoghurt. Many indigenous peoples in the world today get by using these techniques alone and suffer very little food based illness.

2 It’s time to put your immune system into training. One of the worst outcomes of the persistent use of disinfectants and antibiotics is that our immune systems are losing the ability to handle minor infections. Our digestive systems themselves carry about 80% of all the bugs in our body and they also handle the bulk of our immune activity. If the food coming in is killed of all the beneficial bugs we need then the balance of the bugs changes inside us and the result is an immune system that doesn’t work too well.

Most disease that we suffer and nearly all of the things that cause us to age fall under the heading of inflammation. Bugs along with lots of other environmental factors contribute much to how our immune system is promoting inflammatory response. Getting the most healthy immune system therefore means our entire health is dramatically improved as well.

1 We are more bug than human. It’s time we “fessed up”, our own cells are outnumbered by bacteria inside our bodies by more than 2 to 1. In fact we have about 30 trillion of our own cells and a healthy person will have about 70 trillion bacteria, all living very harmoniously all throughout your body. There are no accurate counts of the number of viruses inside the body of a healthy person, but it is likely that there will be many times more viruses than there are bacteria. Once again we need these viruses to help us do many of things the body needs to do.

So why would we want to kill them off? It is clear that without our wonderful community of bugs that we would not live. A good example is the process of digesting and creating nutrients from our food, which would be impossible without their help.

The rampant use of disinfectants in our food processing means that the variation of bugs entering our bodies is becoming far more limited. This situation is made far worse by the residues of agricultural chemicals, which have a very negative effect on our helpful bugs too.

Choosing foods with low pesticide, and herbicide residues will help a lot here, as will looking for foods which have high quantities of these healthy bugs. Food like fermented vegetables, and milk products are a good place to start.

Subtle Aspects of Our Food

I saw this graphic posted on a Naturopath facebook group and laughed out loud on so many levels - My thoughts are below

Food is so much more than the nutrients that make it up. When The TRIM group all came down with Gastro disorders after I had brought to the attention of their subconscious mind that their food was not just nutrients but also all of the consciousness that went into the growing, manufacture, and processing of the food, I knew without any doubt at all that the biggest issue in health, relating to food is not the nutrients at all. The big problem is how we relate to this consciousness.

Take for example this picture. We can assume that the salad on the right is made from organically grown vegetables, whereas we know that there is nothing remotely organic about the Big Mac. So there is going to be a massive difference in the consciousness issues.

However what I have found in clinic is that the food on the right can still be full of anger at the way that Humans are exploiting other forms of consciousness, and ​that includes the plants that gave up their lives so that we humans could so conveniently consume that salad.

The answer to the obvious question of "so can we in conscience eat anything then?" needs to be considered. However the more immediate question of "can we get more adapted to the anger and cruelty built right into our food ​from the ground up" is an absolute yes.

We answer this question and many more in our EVOLVE programme. The best way to find out about this journey is to have a look at our introduction in REVEAL ​

5 Reasons Why Your Doctor May Not Be The First Person You Might Choose To See When Your Life Feels Hard  - Free

5 Things You Need to know about Antibiotics

5 Things You should know about Antibiotics


  • Antibiotics are actually one of the reasons we are now living so much longer
My very first Job after leaving University was as a Environmental Health Officer. As part of this role I worked with the proprietors of food businesses in Auckland New Zealand. To them I was a sort of policeman figure, but to me they presented a wonderful introduction into the world of food-borne disease, and the world of microbes generally. I also worked with the victims of the food-borne diseases as well as other communicable diseases. I became incredibly aware of how simple it was to intervene in a process such as food manufacture or the rest of the foodsupply chain, and for there to be a dramatic change in the incidence of disease. This change in the general hygiene of our community which includes public sanitation and sewage processing, is the unsung hero of the past 100 years, and has led on it's own to wildly longer lifespans for most of us. Now antibiotics aren't mentioned yet, but the brother to antibiotics certainly is involved here, and that is disinfectants which are widely used to manage food production, and all other aspects of sanitation for that matter.

Antibiotics have made surgery far safer 150 years ago a deep injury or a complication during childbirth, almost invariably led to death. The knowledge of how to limit infection through sanitary practices, combined with the use of antibiotics are effectively the reason why we have high confidence of recovery from injury.


  • The effect of antibiotics and disinfectants on the general biota
Well that all sounds pretty good, but lets look at the effect on the general biota. We need to have a wildly varied biota for the whole of our ecosphere to function. So lets look at organisms on a larger scale and we all know what has happened in the seas around Japan and China where the disastrous pollution and overfishing has meant that the predators that once ate the jellyfish are no longer alive in enough numbers, so now the seas are full of jellyfish with disastrous consequences. The exact same thing happens with microbes when part of the population is killed off by disinfectants or antibiotics. While many disinfectants and antibiotics are very broad spectrum, they don't kill all microbes, and the ones that survive are the toughest, and most adaptable to further use of disinfectants. With the over use then we develop resistant strains, and worse still we dramatically skew the balance of the different bugs that form part of our ecosphere.
  • The Microflora living inside us is changing as a result
Our body is actually a huge community of cells, and other organisms. There are about 30 Trillion of our own cells, about 70 Trillion bacteria, and a much larger number of viruses, perhaps outnumbering our own cells by as much as 1000 to one. This may sound incredibly dangerous, however the situation is exactly the opposite. The community, it's diversity and abundance is vital to the health of our own cells. The really bad news is that there are very significant changes going on in the composition of these microbes, and we are staring down the barrel of a disaster if we don't rethink the effect that our antibiotic and disinfectant use.
  • Most antibiotic use today is for livestock - To make them grow bigger (fatter) faster.
It is ironic that as we are facing the largest health crisis of our times, namely obesity, when our farmers are using massive doses of antibiotics to make the animals much bigger and generally far fatter. These antibiotics make there way from the animal to us when we eat them, and the same goes for disinfectants that are so widely used in food processing This includes all foods so vegans are not immune from this problem either. Do we really want to continue this trend where we are poisoning the balance of our internal flora? This connection between obesity and antibiotic/disinfectant use is only emerging today. It is time we all took some practical steps. Practical Steps
  1. The first thing to do is completely reevaluate your use of disinfectants at home. Throw out the disinfectant hand wash, and use detergents to do cleaning rather than disinfectant laced cleaners (preferably ones which are easily biodegradable of course)
  2. Buy Organic - This won't stop your exposure to the effects of disinfectants in the food chain, but it will significantly lower your exposure to foods that have been affected by antibiotic use
  3. Spread the word - The more people who become aware of these issues the better. The path to much longer and healthier lives which I am proposing here, is intricately involved in making big steps to improve the harmony of the microflora in our bodies and general environment.
  4. Take advantage of the free healing webinars I run and all of the free training I have on the website If you are reading this because someone shared it with you, then sign up for our free information series HERE.
  5. If you feel that there is a big imbalance in your community of microflora then email me to arrange an appointment for treatment. Signs that this may be a good idea, include almost all chronic diseases.
  6. If you are suffering from mood swings, depression, anxiety or any of the other complications of the gut microflora imbalances, then you could also checkout our new REVEAL product HERE
    I hope you found this interesting, and I wish you the life of your dreams, in the body of your desires, full of abundance, and joy. Best Neil

    Suggest the Truth

    I had a major AHA! moment during the night.

    Basically I had been thinking that the TRIM program was mainly about “suggesting the truth – suadeant veritatum”. This is on one level the case of course. Trim is made up of a tremendous number of affirmations and other suggestions, which your being on many levels either chooses to pick up or not.

    The Aha came as I realised that the affirmations and suggestions are actually also a highly diverse set of questions as well.

    So let me put this in context. We each have a comfortable and familiar way of processing things and operating in our daily lives. Each of us is either an intellectual, or emotional, or practically minded type. These correspond to brains or minds which we identify very strongly inside TRIM. I have very deliberately focussed on the engagement of each of these aspects of the mind, and their corresponding hardware of course!

    So the Intellect is commonly associated with the brain, the Emotions with the heart, and the Practical (or as my father termed it – the “Moving, Instinctive, Sex centre or brain”) with the solar plexus and spine.

    TRIM is suggesting to you the benefits of growing and balancing all of these “Brains” or Minds” or “Centres” (uncovering or revealing is also a useful way of describing this process)

    So what happens when one of these “suadeant veritatum” affirmations addresses a part of your being that is in some way repressed, or hidden, or frowned upon, or itching to get more dominant?

    What happens is all of the strong symptoms that have been occurring for so many of you. Not the least of which is the adding of weight to your body. Your body is answering the questions I have posed to it. This should give enormous hope to you as if by asking a question your body puts on weight, by working through it and answering the question in a new way, then the weight will just disappear.

    So what do we do about it? – Well learn and grow of course.  I have been completely transparent about what the suggestions are and have summarised them without hiding anything at all in the relevant web pages in the members area. I suggest meditating on which module has been asking the tricky questions, going over the relevant material in the pages. When you have identified the tricky questions ask the next question – “what part of me has been stimulated by this question?” and generally speaking “what is there to learn”?

    Finally I want to comment on how each of you may be attracted to different approaches dependent on your strengths in these various brains.

    All spiritual traditions work by definition with the Spirit of course but different spiritual approaches have some specific and very different resonances too. The following are some generalisations which aren’t perfect but are useful to help make the point.

    So for example a philosopher or follower of Zen will be much more comfortable in the intellectual center. A Christian far more comfortable in the emotional center and most yoga followers in the “moving center” (although there are strands of yoga in the intellect and the emotions as well – but most are moving center focussed)

    So I leave you with a specific example to help clarify I hope. If a person is asked questions through the suadeant veritatum process, which are uncomfortable and find targets related to the sex aspect of the moving, instinctive, sex brain.


    For some people (not all) one reaction would be to immediately put on weight. After that response then they may well find themselves at first lost or angry or looking to blame someone or something, then perhaps they may be attracted to Tantric yoga practices or idle fantasy, or bury themselves in work or some other way of expressing or just coping with this foreign and unexpected matter, and all without having a clue as to why they are responding and acting and thinking and feeling as they are.

    – There is much gold in this example for many of you who have been contributing so beautifully here.

    Why am I having such a strong reaction to TRIM

    This post was originally in the TRIM facebook group but felt I should share it more widely

    Just creating the videos and other material of module 12 which is on the topic of Digestion. Given that so many of you have had dramatic changes in your digestive system you could understandably be asking, "why has Neil so delayed this section?"

    Even more so when you consider that this material will be coming after a very long time (over seven months after the start of the program) in the new expanded format.

    The TRIM program really is best taken in the order it is presented here. Curiously it is not the order the information was revealed to me - some clues as to the order it was revealed to me can be seen in the titles of the audios.

    One of the things that makes me so excited about the TRIM program is the volume knob is turned up really high of the number and range of issues that you are experiencing. Only a very few people are not already having dramatic discoveries unfold. People are saying they have been involved with few programs with as much transformation coming to them.

    The intention of TRIM above all else is to help you to wake up. The second intention is to give you the very best shot at being able to in fact achieve the end place of being awake - which we could also describe as enlightenment. To do that for most people it takes a combination of time and the correct quality of experience. So the process of helping you having a very long and healthy life is aimed squarely at this objective.

    Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? This is not really possible as your body/mind/spirit will only act on the things it resonates with and recognises as being "true" for you. There only has to be a very small amount of doubt or disagreement and the subjects will be totally ignored. If you find yourself being overwhelmed or maybe becoming very annoyed or something similar, you can be certain that there has been a very high level of resonance.

    I'm excited! - Neil

    Ozone and other unusual species

    Fearful of Ebola? See the powerful article below on Ebola and simple techniques which are attracting the attention of the establishment and the profit motive system –

    I have been aware in my clinical work for some time of the power that arises when attention is focussed on radical species of otherwise normal chemicals. My attention has particularly been on Deuterium which is commonly seen in Heavy Water molecules, and also Ozone which is a variant of Oxygen molecules. I use this focus as needed, but it is very particular in it’s effectiveness.

    We normally think of these chemicals as being absent from us but the truth is there are some of these compounds in all of us at all times. The are incredibly reactive compared to their counterparts – hence they can be doing super wonderful things or alternatively they can be wreaking havoc!.

    It appears that with appropriate focus we can encourage the activity of these reactive reagents in the best place and at the best time. How useful to have the oxidative power of ozone – just where we most need it and exactly where it is needed for example. Similarly heavy water molecules in the exact right place at the exact right time can be wonderfully powerful as well.

    The story of Ozone as a medical tool is detailed in the article below, where doctors are using quite large doses of the ozone (as compared to the consciousness approach I take where we work to get the best out of these species that are already present in the body). It is a tragedy that these simple techniques are falling prey to the profit motive.


    Article Here