What We do Here

Hi I'm Neil Dougan and I'm the Depression to Enlightenment Coach, and best selling author of Trim Your Weight - without changing your diet or exercise. I work with people to help them to find a way out of the destructive cycles sitting around Depression, Anxiety and Mania and to then have much longer and far healthier lives. As a part of the coaching I work with Energy and Consciousness techniques to ensure your body and mind are fully integrated into your soul purpose.

How does the Coaching Work?

The coaching is either provided one on one or in small group over an 8 week period. The focus is on a complete change in direction for your mental/emotional life so that you can climb out of the downward spiral and reconnect in a positive way with your environment and allow peace , Joy and Harmony to prevail.

I'm trained and certified in several energy and consciousness techniques including BodyTalk, Hypnotherapy, Accunect, Xi Kung and others.​ I have a busy clinic in Perth West Australia where I work daily with clients to make their lives healthier in all aspects of mind, body and spirit, and of course to live much longer and far more fulfilling lives. 

​I am the best Selling Author of "Trim Your Weight" which documents the research behind the ground-breaking consciousness techniques I have developed in a peer reviewed University based research setting.

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What do you mean talking about Immortality? - Why we are becoming older and older - a short history

There have been four major changes to life expectancy, and we are sitting at the dawn of the most major change of all. The first was at the dawn of agriculture about 4000 years ago. At that time life expectancy was not much higher than 20 years. With the advent of agriculture life expectancy rose to about 35 years where it stayed until the industrial revolution and the dawn of sanitation​, whereupon the life expectancy went to over 50 years. Over the past 100 years the life expectancy in the developed world has dramatically increased largely due to modern medicine. Today living to be 80 is quite normal and the average age is increasing dramatically. Within the next 20 Years the life expectancy for those in the developed nations will extend to a radical extent. This is due to a combination of the scientific breakthroughs such as tissue and organ regeneration which has been achieved in the laboratory already and the consciousness techniques we are utilising where the power of the body and mind to regenerate itself is becoming far more sophisticated. 200 years is the next paradigm for life expectancy!

Living for 200 Years or More? - I'm not sure I want to live that long​

I can Hear you thinking it! I'm not too sure I want to live for 200 years and certainly I am not sure about being immortal!

When you are thinking these things what you are comparing the idea to is what you have seen be the reality for other people. Maybe your own Mother or Father or other people you have been close to have had ill health toward the end of their life or died tragically young? So the thought goes, I don't want to die like that!, or I don't want to suffer in the end!, or I don't want to lose my marbles!

I work with you to directly resolve these issues, both the concerns over the future AND making sure the future is a much brighter prospect. Coaching with me addresses the physical needs to ensure you are in peak wellness in Body and Mind​, as well as the psychological, relationship, and planning needed to put this into practice. It is a very pragmatic and practical approach!

My Story

​I came to be a consciousness practitioner working with people who want far happier and healthier lives after I experienced the exact opposite. I had some very destabilising experiences from a business venture that went seriously wrong. My life disintegrated and my Body and Mind followed on in a complete train wreck experience. The low point was when I found myself sleeping under a tree in a park in Rotterdam. It was cold, my head was completely fried and I was making worse and worse decisions, I was at the point that it was not safe to be around sharp knives, because ending my life seemed the best possible thing to do - I was in a state of profound clinical depression. I then had the great good fortune to stumble across a practitioner of Consciousness Medicine, and after a couple of sessions I knew I had found a new world of opportunity that could help me and others to move into lives of great peace and joy. Fast forward to today I have trained in a variety of techniques which added to my own experience gives me a unique insight into the process of overcoming the travails of life, making the choice of longevity and embracing life in all of it's aspects. I have further added to this with my Original peer reviewed research which has been fully integrated into my Coaching so that You can obtain the Body and Mind of your dreams, and Love your Life completely and Be Free of all constraints.