5 Things You Need to know about Antibiotics

5 Things You Need to know about Antibiotics

5 Things You should know about Antibiotics


  • Antibiotics are actually one of the reasons we are now living so much longer
My very first Job after leaving University was as a Environmental Health Officer. As part of this role I worked with the proprietors of food businesses in Auckland New Zealand. To them I was a sort of policeman figure, but to me they presented a wonderful introduction into the world of food-borne disease, and the world of microbes generally. I also worked with the victims of the food-borne diseases as well as other communicable diseases. I became incredibly aware of how simple it was to intervene in a process such as food manufacture or the rest of the foodsupply chain, and for there to be a dramatic change in the incidence of disease. This change in the general hygiene of our community which includes public sanitation and sewage processing, is the unsung hero of the past 100 years, and has led on it's own to wildly longer lifespans for most of us. Now antibiotics aren't mentioned yet, but the brother to antibiotics certainly is involved here, and that is disinfectants which are widely used to manage food production, and all other aspects of sanitation for that matter.

Antibiotics have made surgery far safer 150 years ago a deep injury or a complication during childbirth, almost invariably led to death. The knowledge of how to limit infection through sanitary practices, combined with the use of antibiotics are effectively the reason why we have high confidence of recovery from injury.


  • The effect of antibiotics and disinfectants on the general biota
Well that all sounds pretty good, but lets look at the effect on the general biota. We need to have a wildly varied biota for the whole of our ecosphere to function. So lets look at organisms on a larger scale and we all know what has happened in the seas around Japan and China where the disastrous pollution and overfishing has meant that the predators that once ate the jellyfish are no longer alive in enough numbers, so now the seas are full of jellyfish with disastrous consequences. The exact same thing happens with microbes when part of the population is killed off by disinfectants or antibiotics. While many disinfectants and antibiotics are very broad spectrum, they don't kill all microbes, and the ones that survive are the toughest, and most adaptable to further use of disinfectants. With the over use then we develop resistant strains, and worse still we dramatically skew the balance of the different bugs that form part of our ecosphere.
  • The Microflora living inside us is changing as a result
Our body is actually a huge community of cells, and other organisms. There are about 30 Trillion of our own cells, about 70 Trillion bacteria, and a much larger number of viruses, perhaps outnumbering our own cells by as much as 1000 to one. This may sound incredibly dangerous, however the situation is exactly the opposite. The community, it's diversity and abundance is vital to the health of our own cells. The really bad news is that there are very significant changes going on in the composition of these microbes, and we are staring down the barrel of a disaster if we don't rethink the effect that our antibiotic and disinfectant use.
  • Most antibiotic use today is for livestock - To make them grow bigger (fatter) faster.
It is ironic that as we are facing the largest health crisis of our times, namely obesity, when our farmers are using massive doses of antibiotics to make the animals much bigger and generally far fatter. These antibiotics make there way from the animal to us when we eat them, and the same goes for disinfectants that are so widely used in food processing This includes all foods so vegans are not immune from this problem either. Do we really want to continue this trend where we are poisoning the balance of our internal flora? This connection between obesity and antibiotic/disinfectant use is only emerging today. It is time we all took some practical steps. Practical Steps
  1. The first thing to do is completely reevaluate your use of disinfectants at home. Throw out the disinfectant hand wash, and use detergents to do cleaning rather than disinfectant laced cleaners (preferably ones which are easily biodegradable of course)
  2. Buy Organic - This won't stop your exposure to the effects of disinfectants in the food chain, but it will significantly lower your exposure to foods that have been affected by antibiotic use
  3. Spread the word - The more people who become aware of these issues the better. The path to much longer and healthier lives which I am proposing here, is intricately involved in making big steps to improve the harmony of the microflora in our bodies and general environment.
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