20 Day Fast on Water Alone – Day 4

20 Day Fast on Water Alone – Day 4

So I decided to live in a tent for a while for multiple reasons of personal growth, and now in mid winter in Perth West Australia I am also doing a 20 day fast on water alone.

People think it is always hot here in Perth but it gets pretty cold here in the winter!

The fast has been planned for several months now, and is in many ways a finale to many strands of personal development. Just what the Divine will deliver up to me at the end of the fast is up to the Divine, however the need to do the fast became great indeed over the preceding months.

So what am I learning as I fast? Well the obvious is the process of getting the body to support the spiritual path. In some traditions this is the process of making the body obedient, and in other traditions it is the Body ​allowing space for the Higher Self to grow. The Higher Self being a combination of Spirit and the three Minds (Emotions, Practical/Instinctive/Sexual Mind, and Intellect)

The less obvious process is getting the lesser minds to have far less control (Pain Body, Disease Body, and Ego)​. The fasting along with high focus on prayer, meditation and repetition of mantras are indeed working to assist in the quieting of the lesser minds.

​All the while the spirit level of my being is providing me guidance at each step.

Part of this guidance, other than to do the fast of course, has been to ​meditate on specific topics daily. The topics for the first four days have been around achieving Harmony. The topics in this group supporting Harmony have been Love, Acceptance, Surrender and Selfless Service. All three of the first are needed for the last to occur.

One of the many wonderful insights is the way the whole "Ecocentric" system is part of the process. There is no hope of moving on without all aspects of oneself getting into collaboration and cooperation​.

An example of this was presented this morning at the "body" level. My community at the level of the body includes some 30 trillion of my own cells, and some 70 trillion bacteria and other microbes. In setting the ​intention to do the fast, I had ignored the microbes that make up my "Ecocentric" system. It was all about the higher minds gaining supremacy over the lesser minds and the Spirit evolving.

Well you can guess how the microbes felt about this! so I have had to modify my intention to include the ​needs of the microbes and set up steps to ensure their survival at the genus level while I don't eat anything for 20 days, and further also at their collective request, the establishment of such a positive community that the ideal of an immortal system can be worked towards far more effectively.

This is a selfless service approach which is agreed with by the Higher Minds and Spirit as well as the microbial community, and is only hindered by the impact of the lesser minds which act like a filter on this and other intentions.

If you have any questions about the process of fasting in the way I am doing it please either leave a comment or email me at neil@neildougan.com

I will post more blogs as the Fast proceeds.

Thanks for reading this!​

5 thoughts on “20 Day Fast on Water Alone – Day 4

  1. Cynthia

    Sounds rather complex (meeting every cell, microbe & your needs), and physically rather uncomfortable to some extent, ND.
    The “usual” fasting, prayer and meditation that I’m familiar with seems less daunting. Mind you, wonder how I’d go doing the normal fast as a Type 2 diabetic.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Cynthia – Indeed fasting as a Diabetic would need to be closely monitored if at all advisable.
      I have been monitoring my blood sugar, heart rate and blood pressure and so far near the end of Day 5 they are all still in the normal range.
      I still haven’t felt hungry at all. This I attribute to having a very clear intention and things are keeping as coherent as possible.

  2. Raewyn Bartrom

    Thinking of you and will send you my thoughts –you are in the company of many millions also giving something back to some thing higher.Go well
    Love Raewyn Colin

  3. Murshid

    As the saying goes ‘Where there is a Will there is a Way’.
    Being a Muslim ever since I was a kid I have been fasting during Ramadhan but only for 12 hours daily for 30 days – I have never imagined fasting for 2 or 3 days leave alone 20 days continuosly for 24 hours and on water only ! From your comments I know it’s worth doing it at least once in one’s
    lifetime and I will try it out one fine day and see how far I will go.
    Well Done Neil and I wish you every bit of Success.

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