Depression to Enlightenment

The experience of Depression or Anxiety can debilitate you to the extent that you hardly know how you can continue. I should know as I have suffered this most debilitating Depression, combined with severe Mania - Doctors call this being Bi-Polar. I eventually lifted myself from this state and the experience of my self treatment and eventual full management without drugs is the basis of the coaching and healing work I now do daily with my clients.

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If you want to break free from Depression or Anxiety, or if you feel Manic and would like to find Peace and Joy then please feel free to schedule time with me so that I can help you define exactly the life you want to have and how we can get you to it. Please use the form below.

TRIM. How Your Consciousness can be modified so that You end up with the Body of Your Dreams


Stress. Why Your Environment may be putting so much stress on you that you end up getting sick, and what to do about it 


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